Timeless Facial Emulsion & Essence

Timeless Facial Emulsion & Essence

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SHERO CHING Anti-Aging set AKA Timeless Set
The Magic Weapon of Perfect Skin
Lock Your Skin
Sʜᴇʀᴏᴏᴄʜɪɴɢ Timeless Treatment Essence and Facial Emulsion

Asian women generally have uneven or yellow skin, but to different degrees. Don't fix it with makeup. Even the most expensive foundation is not as good as your own perfect, translucent skin.


Collaborated with Korea research lab with active ingredients from france 


Patented active ingredient from France

1. Chlorella Collagen Regeneration Repair Factor 


2. Neurological Resistant factor 

Promote Collagen synthesis

3. Inflammatory Cytokines for dermal stem cells

Cell renewal and in crease cell viability

4. Cyanobacteria Brightening Essence 

Whitening and brightening skin tone

5. Epidermal stem cell activating factor 

Repairs and reconstuction, anti allergy, soothing heal and repair damaged skin condition 


For dull skin/ sensitive skin / dark spots / acne / spots / fine lines