Precious Cleaning Essence
Precious Cleaning Essence

Precious Cleaning Essence

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Made from 100% Japan imported amino acid and cica extract from FRANCE, Shero Ching Precious cleansing essence is an amino acid soap-free formula cleanser and helps with deep cleansing. With the use of hydrogenated lecithin microcrystalline wrap technology, the cleanser is gentle on skin as it does not strip off the moisture and retain its healthy balance on the skin

surface . At the same time, it helps to remove light makeup, leaving the skin soft and supple.


Comes in delicate foam, the cleanser is mild and gentle on skin and does not contain any fragrance. Safe for sensitive skin. It is also very suitable for Asian female skin,


Our ingredients used are comparable to big brands as we are coming the same production line. Shero Ching uses high-quality imported raw materials, together with advanced production equipment and gotten approval from the authoritative testing agency, which is SGS testing qualified



Basil leaf extract, Japanese Hokkaido basil essence, Centella asiatica extract, 100%French imported centella asiatica essence, Yellow Dragon gall root extract and an extensive selection of Japanese plant extracts


Size: 100 ML