SoSlim Slimming Gel V2.0

SoSlim Slimming Gel V2.0

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One of our best selling products, Soslim, has been upgraded with an improved formula and packaging! It is the first cryotherapy cold sensation slimming gel in Singapore which will stimulate fat-freezing effects. Medical grade stainless steel rollers are attached to sculpt, firm, and tone the body by creating a kneading action to deliver a pampering lymphatic drainage massage.

With the new and improved formula, each bottle is infused with 24k Gold Flakes and Boseong Green Tea from Korea, as well as other active ingredients such as Caffeine, Chamomile, Glaucine and Hyaluronic Acid.

- Freeze fats
- Detoxification
- Firm and lift
- Whitening and brightening
- Hydrating and moisturising
- Reduce cellulites
- Reduce inflammation
- Reduce stretch marks
- Reduce water retention
- Reduce dark spots or scars

How to use:-
Roll over the areas where you wish to slim down or tone. You may use this on your arms, legs, stomach and double chin, avoiding the face. For faster results, use this twice daily.

Squeeze adequate amount of the slimming gel on your skin, twist the cap gently to close the nozzle and roll it with the attached rollers over your skin where you have applied the gel.

Packaging: One box consists of one bottle, 120ml